SSD SOLUTION FOR CLEANING DEFACED/BLACKNOTES .We lead the industry in cleaning bank stained notes from pink to black dyed currency. Our main line of products and services serve the financial industry as a whole, where our main clients are banks and humanitarian organisation individual company’s and parties are welcome too. we are one of World’s leading SSD Automatic Solution, Vectrol Paste, TTZ Universal Solution, Zuta S4, Castrox Oxide HQ45, SSD Solution PK 58 distributor and manufacturer.Whatsapp:+1 559-817-1405

 The ssd solution in its full range is the BEST CHEMICAL on the market for cleaning Anti breeze bank notes, defaced currency, marked notes and the likes. You will be amazed by the power and rapidity of this CHEMICAL; that is capable of cleaning notes/currency with BREEZE capacity. We Stock limited SSD Solution for cleaning the ANTI-BREEZE BANKNOTE, or the ‘Black Money’.

If you have the ‘Black Money’ and your cleaning solution has coagulated or gone hard with time, we can offer replacement at a reasonable charge. S.S.D AUTOMATIC SOLUTION for cleaning defaced currency Anti-breeze bank notes.

For all your Chemicals needs contact us Fast for Cleaning Chemical Laboratory Solution

We do have Universal SSD SOLUTION, VECTROL PASTE, SSD CHEMICAL EXPRESS is a laboratory based in London, United Kingdom, which specializes in the chemistry of anti-breeze bank notes.We are ronowed for chemical melting and recovering,currency/notes testing and analyzing.

Our services also include the sales of chemicals online. Counterfeit Money Production of all Currencies. This is for individuals or companies who already have technicians to take care of the cleaning and testing process of the note. We have the following chemicals and products to supply to our customers online:

SSD Solution,Latest Automatic SSD Solution, Grade A bank notes production of all currencies, Chemicals,Anti Breeze Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals,Tebi-Manetic Solution,Vectrol paste,Activation Powder,Super Automatic Solution, Black Stain Cleaning Chemicals,SSD Automatic Solution,Universal Chemicals, Activating Powders and Specialize in Cleaning all types of defaced.

We print and sell all kinds of currencies. Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Afghan afghani,Albanian lek,Algerian dinar,East Caribbean dollar,East Caribbean dollar,Australian dollar,European euro,Azerbaijani manat,Belarusian ruble.Central African CFA franc,Colombian peso,Cuban peso,Djiboutian franc,Guatemalan quetzal.Indian rupee,Indonesian rupiah,Iranian rial,Kuwaiti dinar,Mexican peso,Pakistani rupee,Romanian leu,Rwandan franc,Russian ruble,Serbian dinar.South African rand,Sri Lankan rupee,Sudanese pound,Swedish krona,Swiss franc,New Taiwan dollar,Tanzanian shilling,Thai baht.U.S. Dollar,Trinidad and Tobago dollar.Samoan tala,Zambian kwacha,Zimbabwean dollar.Polish zloty,Qatari riyal,Myanma kyat,Libyan dinar,Liberian dollar,Lebanese lira,North Korean won,Jamaican dollar,Fijian dollar,Egyptian pound,Danish krone,Brazilian real,Bermudian dollar.


Our SSD Company Running Successfully from Last 10 years with Indian and Foreign Technicians with Modern Machines and Cheapest Chemical on % bases all over the world.

We Supply The Best SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK MONEY AND ACTIVATED POWDER FOR BLACK CURRENCY. We have SSD Automatic Chemical Solution for Cleaning Black Money and Any Color of Defaced Currency Available in our Laboratories Worldwide.


Our Embassy Lab. Provide Best SSD Solutions Chemical and Activated Powder for Cleaning All Black Currencies, Papers and Deface Currencies Around the WORLD in Different Countries. We Also Provides Percentage Work with Chemical Solutions and we Clean (1000) Black Currencies Pieces in Rupees (Rs.40,000 Indian Currencies) in our Lab or vice Versa


Our S.S.D Automatic Solution is Also Used in the Cleaning of Stained Bank Notes with Anti Breeze Quality, Bills like USD, Euro, Pounds and other Local Currencies. Our Company is one of the Biggest Supplier of All kinds of Chemicals in Mercury (Mercury All Forms), other SSD CHEMICAL Required in SSD Process Super Solution.


We Provide Different Types of Powders that can Perfectly Clean Deface Note, Black Note , Red Notes , Green Notes , Stained Notes , Stamped Notes and Also Have Coated Notes. We also Melt Frozen Chemicals in our Laboratory and our Services are Perfect Genuine.


We have Different types of Chemicals that can Perfectly Clean out your Deface note, Black Note, Green Notes, Stained Notes, Stamped Notes and also Coated Notes. We also melt frozen chemicals in our laboratory and our services are professional.


We Provide Modern and Latest Machines on RENT and Offers Lowest Percentage Work done by modern and Latest Machines through our TRAINED TECHNICIANS For Clean all Types of Currencies (USD, EURO, POUNDS, DINAR, RIYAD, DEHRAM and All Other Currencies) by our Indian and Foreign Technicians All Over World (India, Malaysia, Oman, Dubai, Saudi and Other Countries) Work By Different Machines with Technicians on Lowest Percentage Basis.


We Repair and Correct All Spoil Currencies.

+1 559-817-1405


Our Company Even Trained Individual who are Interested in Learning Cleaning Process.

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